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Containerized Sewage Treatment Plant

Sn Aqua Containerized Sewage treatment Plant is totally self-contained, covered, single piece packaged treatment system for onsite wastewater treatment. Package STPs are innovative and truly versatile systems for the effective treatment of wastewater, including Nutrient removal. They can be configured for BOD reduction, suspended solids reduction, Ammoniacal and/or total Nitrogen reduction and Phosphorus reduction. Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) has been built into the Single Packaged Plant to create the physical-biological tertiary treatment with water recycling.




Containerized sewage treatment plant is located inside a standard shipping container; it can be relocated and installed with ease at other locations. In most cases it is a two day operation and requires a flat bedded truck and a crane. These Containerized Plants can effectively meet the demand of water in remote areas. It can be easily installed and operated and can be moved to new sites. In various environmental and municipal emergencies this plant is preferred.



Features & Benefits of Containerized STP

  • Leading Edge package sewage treatment plant
  • Incorporate advance membrane technology.
  • Idea for sites where water reuse is premium.
  • High removal efficiency for nitrogen, BOD & COD,
  • Fewer process to achieve comparable effluent quality.
  • Eliminate Sludge ability Issues.
  • Small Foot Prints.
  • Reduce sludge yield

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