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Forced Air Evaporator

Forced Air Evaporator Unit is a solution for evaporation of water out of the rejected effluent with friendly environmental way.

Generally at Lagoon, only Upper thin layer of water gets natural evaporation. Such quantity is much less as compared to generation of large quantity of effluent. Thus a requirement is felt by the Industry for faster and efficient mechanical solution. We have developed an evaporator unit such that very fine size of water particles are generated and are forced to mix with high volume of Air and are then flown in to the atmosphere to take advantage of evaporation in abundant quantity of atmospheric air.




Design of Evaporator


The theory of the evaporator is to mechanically expose more quantum of water mixed with compressed air in to the atmospheric air and to keep that water particles aloft long enough to evaporate them naturally. To achieve this performance we have designed Bipolar nozzles in which Air and water feed simultaneously to produce and send water droplets in to the air for long time to keep them aloft for long distance to evaporate them naturally.

For the same we recommend a pump with pressure of 50 mtrs Head and Air compressor with 6 kg/ pressure.

As per general observation, about 60 to 70% of the water spray pump capacity would be evaporated in to the atmosphere on the driest day of the year.

Water spray capacity of the pump, about 70% to 80% volume of the same would

be maximum evaporated and thus it is estimated that about 70 to 80% of pure water would be evaporated from the sprayed mist.

Actual evaporation capacity will depend on percentage humidity, temperature condition, air wind velocity etc. on a respective day and thus above details are true for estimation only and may vary as per atmospheric condition. To reduce the cost of making Tower we can use you roof top to install the same.

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